Supply and Demand

In high school we all took a simple economics class. Most of us have even attended college and enrolled in a business class. If you have forgotten anything that you learned, let me give you a refresher of one of the most important concepts of supply and demand. Demand is the amount wanted and supply is how much can be given. Well I think we can apply this concept to not only business but love too.

After being single for quite some time, I begin to not only notice trends in the guys I choose but in myself as well. I noticed that I cannot always blame the male for everything but I have to be responsible for my own actions. I had to learn that you can only be given what you put out or demand. I often wondered why my situations never developed into something serious and I had to admit to myself that I never demanded more. If there is one thing that I know about men and love, I know that men are not mind readers and you have to be vocal about your needs. If there are no demands then no supply is given…

I think I have it all figured out. If what you demand equals what is supplied then both people can be at an equilibrium and happiness is a result.

Yours Truly,
The Single B*tch

Just Make Sure He Is Good To You

I have always enjoyed encountering people who are older than me because they are very wise. The more mature that I become, I enjoy making friendships with women older than me. You can learn a lot from them in love and life. I was at lunch with a co-worker and we started discussing dating. You can always bank on sex, love, men and dating being topics of conversations when women are in the room. I told her that I have two (somewhat) steady men in my life.

One is a dream guy and exactly what I have always imagined myself with. He is very tall, has a dark complexion, beautiful skin and teeth, medium build, clean cut, has a job, a car, his own place and we have GREAT sex. The only flaw is that he lives out of state. Did I forget to mention that he also does NOT want a relationship? The other has a beautiful complexion, pulls out my chair, helps me put on my jacket, wants to take me out multiple times a week, texts me good morning and good night, great with money, has a graduate degree and lives 20 minutes away from me. The only thing about him is that he is short, I am not too fond of the way he dresses and I am not that into him. Then again, I think I am but I try to make myself uninterested. My co-worker ran down the pros and cons of each guy and said “okay your dream man may look good but looks fade, shorty is who you need”.  I also told my co-worker that I have never had a chair pulled out for me or had a man help me put my jacket on. She looked at me baffled and said “why do you accept less?” I was a little stunned because I never thought of myself as settling for less but just thought I was using guys to pass time. I started thinking and my mind began to wonder about what she said.

My co-worker told me, whatever you do just make sure that he is good to you in love and death…

Love Always,
The Single B*tch

Single Boyfriends

It is a rare occasion that I get approached when I go out but what is even rarer is getting approached by a single man. You may be saying “duh what is the point?” well what I am trying to say is that I always get approached by single boyfriends. Men who are in relationships but act as if they were single.

So I have to be honest, I have dealt with a couple of guys who were in some type of situation, more specifically a “committed” relationship. It was not on purpose the times that it did occur but by the time I found out he was in a relationship feelings and time have already been invested. I made a promise to myself that I would never get involved with any guy who is not totally single EVER again. Lately I have been trying to explore the dating scene more and decided that I would go on a date a week with someone different. So far it has been going very well. I have had some bumps in the road but oh well, it happens. I ended up grabbing some “dinner” with a somewhat friend and he revealed to me that he has a girlfriend. Obviously his intentions are not to be just friends because I can tell that he has a very high interest in me. I asked him why is he on a “friendly outing” with me if he has a girlfriend and he revealed that there is just one thing missing. He said that his girl is damn near perfect. She is reliable, intelligent, loyal and an overall “good girl” but there is NO sexual chemistry. At that point a couple of things crossed my mind. I thought “is he trying to recruit me as an official side chick?” or “does he just need someone to vent to?” of course the first thought is probably the most accurate. Since that conversation my mind has begun to wonder more.

Is it possible to truly be happy with someone? What exactly could be a deal breaker for me when dating someone? Is it possible to get everything that you need from one person? If your significant other is lacking something that is very important to you (if it is just one thing) do you stay or go? But if you are entertaining someone other than your girlfriend because of something that she lacks then why stay?

Why is it that I ALWAYS attract single boyfriends?


With Love,

The Single B*tch

Does Sex Change Things?

Sex will always be a topic that is hot and some may even be shy to talk about it. I think one question that most women want to know the answer to is “will he look at me different if I give him some?” Does when you decide to give it up determine your fate or destiny of a relationship? I would like to think not.

The connection and attraction that you have with every guy you meet is different. Some people look at me crazy when I say that I have been physically attracted to someone but not sexually. Every guy that I may be interested in does not make my cookie jar easy to open. I have met a guy that I had good conversation with and I thought he was attractive but he did not get my juices flowing. I have also met a guy that I knew was not relationship worthy but he made me want to ride him like a bike until the sun goes down. To me the most difficult attraction is when I meet a guy who I am attracted to mentally, physically and sexually. The reason why is because I know that his chances of getting me into bed is very easy but then I start to think if he will he take me serious enough to commit to me. I would like to think that since we are all adults when we have sex does not matter. Some people say wait at least three months. To a person like me this is not possible, mainly because sex matters a lot to me and what if you get him into bed and it sucks? No pun intended. Then again, I can see why it may be best to wait. If the sex is mind-blowing, it can give you mixed and false emotions. I am in that situation now.

I met a guy one Saturday and when I first saw him I knew I wanted him. I had to have him and I knew that I was going to give him some ass the moment I laid eyes on him. I thought that maybe we would just have a “FWB” relationship but when we actually hung out I realized that I did not want to settle for just that. Of course that epiphany came AFTER he fucked me like I have never been fucked before. In fact he has now taken “the best I ever had” spot. Now I do not want to even bring up the “what are you looking for?” conversation. Should the fact that we have already been intimate dictate what direction our relationship or lack thereof will take? Should I even approach him on the matter?

In all reality maybe I should have waited


Yours Truly,

The Single B*tch