Girl Code

When you are younger I feel like your dating options are limitless. Think about it, when you are in college your social interaction is at an all-time high. Once you transition into full adulthood with responsibilities, kids and less time you become restricted to the guys that you meet along the way. When I was younger I remember guys that have tried to date my friends would approach me and I would turn him around with the quickness. In fact I would not even think about dating a guy who I knew dated an acquaintance or even someone that I interacted with a lot but did not quite consider a friend. Now I am wondering if it is possible or realistic to avoid guys that have once dated a friend, associate, co-worker and etcetera.

For me personally I could not imagine dating a man who has been with my friend regardless of how serious or not the relationship was. On the other hand I would not mind if a friend of mine dating a guy I have had some dealings with as long as it is not my child’s father and maybe two other guys I have been with. Think about it, you maybe went out on a date or two with a guy five years ago and nothing serious happened, would it matter if your friend dated that guy? Of course serious ex- boyfriends or a “baby daddy” are off limits (that would be so grimy unless your friend is totally okay with that). So what do you all think? Do you think it is okay to date a guy that has been with your friend? In today’s world is it truly realistic to avoid situations like this? For me, I respect the girl code. It is the law of the land for me…



The Single B*tch

Stay Away

If you do not have any good intentions for me please stay away. A male should not approach a woman and disrupt whatever good she has left in her because of his own selfish reasoning. One thing I have never done is not be honest with a man about what it is that I want out of him. To be honest there have been times where I have not been honest with myself about what it is that I want but I refuse to lie to someone and lead them on.

Why is it that when you are not thinking about a guy or when you feel yourself getting over him, he finds a way to slither back in your life? Why is it that a man will try so hard to be in your life and when you finally let him in he finds a way to fuck it up? Everyone has entered a situation at least once when they have been selfish. For example, I have dated guys just to keep me entertained while I am lonely BUT I made sure that I made him aware of my intentions. There is nothing more upsetting than to be strung along or being blind to what the man has going on outside of you. I think I have lost count of how many times I have interacted with a guy who either, had a girlfriend, going through a divorce, has a lingering ex-girlfriend or a blossoming relationship that is getting serious and he did not tell me about it. To a woman who is insecure or not stable emotionally or has a rough past with love, it could cause her more damage than she has already incurred. I can speak from personal experiences and say that it hurts so bad to not be made aware of a man’s true intent or relationships outside of you. Let me continue to transition into the beautiful butterfly that I am becoming and do not fuck up the process during my progress…you selfish BITCH lol

Yours Truly,

The Single B*tch