I Am Waiting

I am waiting on him to fuck up. I just know that he is going to be like the rest. I know that you are not supposed to have expectations but I am expecting him to fail. That is weird right? I mean we all know how it goes. For one or two weeks you both are communicating daily, you are getting the good morning texts and the moment you get into a routine he bounces. Things never go back to how it was before until some time passes and he realizes he should have stuck with you. We all know that they eventually come back.

I am constantly battling with myself to find a happy medium. I want to not freak out because things may go south and not freak out because I am into him but be able to feel comfortable that it may go either way. I just want to feel normal again.

The Single B*tch

I Feel Teased

Sometimes I feel like the man upstairs plays terrible tricks on me. Although I am in control of my thoughts and actions I feel that I try my hardest to “do the right thing”, whatever that may be. I have come across some wonderful guys at the wrong time. I have also met guys that were not good for me but they helped me get through a rough time in life. What is funny is that those bad guys turned good for someone else. All of this leaves me confused. They say timing is everything but when is my time coming? I heard that once you have everything in line love will fall into place as well. I feel like I am constantly being teased. I have been interacting with a great guy. We have wonderful conversations and the connection is so natural but the issue is that we never have time with each other because his schedule does not allow so. What is a girl to do when everything else is so right but there is one thing holding the progression up? I do not know why I keep being placed in compromising situations. Is He trying to teach me patience? I believe this guy is worth the wait but how can I remain unforgettable in a situation that is so easy to forget? I feel like I am being tricked

Yours Truly,

The Single B*tch


Nothing is better than finding a new flame or love interest. You know that phase when you get butterflies when he texts you, you feel that you are running through a field of flowers, the birds are chirping when you wake up, the sunrays are reflected perfectly across your face, you are happy from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep and everything about life just seems so much better. What I find funny about this stage is that overnight you can go from not feeling so hopeful about dating and love to being blinded by someone who shows you attention with good intentions. What I like even more about finding a new flame is that fact that you realize life and love is not so bad after all and that timing is everything. I think that this humbles you a little because you have to realize that finding love is not always in your control. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It is like you feel so invincible and that nothing else even matters. While living in this perfect world you tend to not think or worry about the ifs, ands or buts of this situation. You tend to be fearless and it is all because you are floating. Just enjoy the moment

With Love,
The Single B*tch