5 Tips for Women Seeking a Job

My blog posts are not always about love, dating and casual d*ck. I also like to give out helpful information that can help women thrive in society! Well all know that job hunting can be very hard and I do not know about you but I felt like early in life I was not provided the necessary tools to help me look for a job and a possible career.

I had a talk with my dear friend “Natasha Markets” and career coach and I asked her to provide some helpful tips to the job seekers out there. Grab a pen and paper or use your phone to screenshot these helpful tips.

1. Don’t Intimated the Hiring Manager. natasha-markets

Too much education with not enough experience can be discouraging. Make sure your resume reflects a balance for the type of positions you are interested in potentially working.

2. Know Your Value. Negotiate! Negotiate! Negotiate!

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Not Mommy Enough For The “Mommy Club”

I never really had the desire to fit in and I have never felt out of place in any setting UNTIL I had a baby and it was time for him to start school. No I am not ashamed of being a single young mom but when my son started elementary school I noticed there were no other moms that were in my same situation. I live in a small city south of Atlanta and it is super suburban. If you have ever seen the movie Pleasantville then that’s exactly how it is where I live. I mean for goodness sakes people drive around in golf carts for transportation! I swear that every fucking mom here looks like June Cleaver and they all stay at home while their husbands worked. Basically this city is for married, older and settled families and I am single, still partying and get broken off with some good dick whenever I can get it. I felt that women would not approach me in random conversations about what cute thing their child did yesterday or even invite my child over for “playdates” and freshly baked brownies just because I did not meet their qualifications of what a mom should look like and when I say qualifications I really mean married. Continue reading Not Mommy Enough For The “Mommy Club”

What Is In Your “Hoe Bag”?

Let’s not act like we don’t know what a hoe bag is but if you do not please let me enlighten you. Just imagine that you are laying around your house in sweat pants and an old t-shirt and you get a call or text from your sweetie that says “come over” and at that point you hop up, shower and shave every inch of your body. After you have transformed more than likely you may pack what I refer to as a “Hoe Bag”. A hoe bag is what you pack when you are in route to your boyfriend’s, side piece, play toy or whoever you are letting play in your pocketbook house. I think a hoe bag is a staple in almost every girl’s trunk, well at least it is a staple piece in mine. Maybe what I call my overnight bae bag is a little vulgar but you can call it what you want. Continue reading What Is In Your “Hoe Bag”?