Just Thinking…

Now when it comes to love and relationships I would like to think of myself as pretty traditional. Since I have been off of work for the holidays, I have a lot of time on my hands to think about what a relationship really means to me or it could be the fact that I am premenstrual and emotional as fuck but I digress. Have you ever thought about what it is that you really want and not what society tells you that you should want?

I remember a time when I would be so quick to dismiss others point of view or way of living because I was never exposed to something that deviates so far from the “norm”. I think so many people are so quick to judge others situations but if it works for them then you should not care. For example, while dating does it even matter for you and your love interest to have a title? I mean why should things be so formal and legally the title of boyfriend and girlfriend really doesn’t mean shit? I personally think a lot of men shy away from getting into relationships because women take it to the extreme. Another thought that has crossed my mind is the importance of getting married. Why is getting married so important to some people? Do some get married for religious reasons or because society tells you that you should? If you truly love someone and you guys are truly happy then what does a piece of paper validate or solidify? I remember I used to side-eye couples that have been together for years but never took the steps to get married. The more mature I get I understand why people take their time getting married. What about having babies? Does it really take a couple to get married or even be together to have a baby? I get it, two heads and two incomes are better than one but all a baby needs is consistency and loving parents. What about open relationships or even dating someone who doesn’t consider themselves straight? Continue reading Just Thinking…

I’m Buzzing

By: Victoria CaMille

I’m buzzing…
I’ve developed this obsessive compulsive behavior where I check my phone every 5 minutes hoping to see a call or text…
What’s next?
Besides the fact that I’ve dialed your number about 100 times but I’m too apprehensive to actually hit the call button…
I’m buzzing
I’ve been drinking and thinking and I’m somewhere between a grudge and forgiveness
somewhere between I hate you
But I miss you…
Trying to convince myself you’re not the only one, it’s just a phase that I can start a new chapter
I just have to turn this page
I tried to and I can’t….
It seems simple for you so give me some pointers
on how you just let go of something with no second thoughts or warning
Put me up on it…
So I can stop crying during these late nights
listening to these love songs feeling like giving up, wondering why
Continue to try…
To want someone who doesn’t want me
to love someone who doesn’t love me
to trust someone who doesn’t trust me
Giving… only to get nothing

This liquor got me feeling real empty and lonely
So I still continue to hit the call button…

I guess I really am buzzing…

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Get Out Of Your Own Way

Ladies we have to stop cheating ourselves. A lot of times we try to blame men for a lot of our relationship issues (and true some men are full of shit) but we have to take responsibility for some of what happens. Think about it, we have a lot of control with what happens and we do not have to take or settle for certain things but we do. Honestly, how many times have you done relationship things without the relationship title? Or how many times have you let a situation prolong without demanding what you want? How many times have you been with a man and only he benefited from the situation? Now that I have fussed for a second (I needed a good talking to as well) let’s think about what we can do to help ourselves avoid any more situations where we are constantly giving but left with nothing.

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Thank You!!!

I just want to take the time out to thank you all for fucking with me!

I created my blog because during that particular time I was going through a quarter life crisis (funny I know) and I felt so alone in my thoughts. Sometimes it feels like you are the only one that is going through a certain situation but I guarantee that this is the furthest thing from the truth. When you all read my blog I want you all to feel at home, comfortable, not judged and have the ability to discuss things with women like you. Although I have never felt out of place socially, Continue reading Thank You!!!