I’m Tired of Deez Hoes

Listen, before you think I am putting down women and not promoting unity you are wrong. Yes, I want to lift women up and create a strong community of women but I feel like I am responsible to call shit out as well. I just get so irked by all of the fake shit that I see every day so I decided to write a list and vent real quick if you don’t mind.

Non-supporting ass hoes: I mean would it really hurt to compliment or show love to other women? I’m so tired of some women downing others just to make themselves look better. Shit for those of us that have platforms would it hurt to shout someone out without expecting compensation or something in return?

Fake ass hoes: Why is there a drought on “real women” out here? What I mean by real is that people just don’t like being themselves. It’s like people would rather be respected for being fake and hiding who they really are.

Copying ass hoes: Bruh, no one creates their own wave anymore. Everyone tries to just ride on what’s hot. People will jump on a trend just because they think it’s easy. No one really does shit for the love or passion of something anymore.  I mean if you are going to ride a wave at least be good at it damnit.

Insta “famous” ass hoes: Sis, listen you are only going to be hot for only so long. While you have this “platform” at least try to create a stream of revenue from it so that you can have something to fall back on. Like some of these girls really think they are celebrities. I feel bad for people that have real talent but looked over because it’s easier to access these types of girls.

Yall, I’m just over it and super fed up of the superficial. I can’t wait until being real makes a comeback.


With Love,

The Single B*tch

You’re Not Special, You’re Convenient

Okay I know that sounded mean and I hate to bursts your bubble but hey it’s true.  Now I’m not here to break you down but my job is to put you on game and be realistic with yourself.

Ever been involved with a man and y’all seem to see each other on a regular basis but the shit just never took off? Well sis, sometimes it’s because you’re just the convenient choice. Continue reading You’re Not Special, You’re Convenient

Even Supermoms Get Tired Too

Hey to my beautiful moms out there. My beautiful single, married, stay at home, young, older and working moms. I know things can get hard but I want you to know that it is okay to hurt and cry sometimes. It gets difficult as fuck carrying the weight of the world of your shoulders and having your amazing kid(s) depend on you but it’ okay to break down sometimes. It doesn’t mean that you are weak but it means that you are human and you too experience hurt. Continue reading Even Supermoms Get Tired Too

Women, We Are The Shit

I know it may seem like I’m hard on us women (and I am) but it’s for a reason. I created my blog to establish a community where we can relate on different topics and issues to show that we are not alone in our thoughts and situations. Women we are strong in more ways than one so I am confused as to why we allow ourselves to be in situations where we are constantly taking Ls.

They say that this is a man’s world and I agree to an extent but it wouldn’t be shit without the woman who supports that man. Do you all realize that we birth whole human beings? We birth the men who become presidents, mayors, doctors, lawyers and scientists. Like seriously, we push out or get 7, 8, 9 and 10 pound babies surgically removed from our bodies!!! Hell someone had to birth Malcom X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and President Obama. Think about this shit right here, we bleed every month for days and we do not fucking die! In a weird way it’s like we are punished for not having kids so that alone should show you how vital we are to the human race and the world! Our bodies are designed to give and provide pleasure (but only if we want to). We can have orgasms back to back within minutes or even seconds of each other and we don’t even need a man to provide that to us. Sis we even produce milk from our breasts that provides food to our children. If you didn’t realize how important you are then you should know now.

Ladies it’s time that we get our gangsta back! You are the shit and don’t let anyone tell you different. This world wouldn’t be shit without our sacrifices, our love, our reproductive organs and our emotional and mental strength even though we are told that we lack the ability to control how we feel. Today take a minute to celebrate yourself. Write down what your best attributes and characteristics are and reflect on how wonderful your fine ass is.


With Love,

The Single B*tch

Why Be Like Her When You Can Just Be You?

As most of you probably know I have a disdain for some of these IG “models” that we see every day while scrolling through our timelines. Honestly I don’t knock the hustle but I just dislike the fact that it gives a false image of what we think all girls should look like. As women, we are very critical about how we look but to make matters worse we always have some men around that will remind us about what we are lacking. Some days I wonder why so many of us have the same style, the same look and partake in the same activities and I can’t help but to think it is because we are always trying to keep up with the next bitch.

I have been on this Earth almost 30 years and I have been around all types of women. I have been around women older than me, younger than me, married women, white women, black women, women from other countries, women who aren’t straight and plenty of different types of women and we all have one thing in common. We are all good at putting on a smile when ain’t shit going good in our lives. What you see isn’t always what you get. People can be whatever the hell they want to be while on the internet. Believe me when I say that I have been out around town and bumped into your favorite Instagram chick and she wasn’t anything like she is on the gram. Sis these bitches be out here struggling!!! I mean can you only imagine what some of these girls have to put up with or go through just to get a damn bag, a pair of shoes or a new ass? I mean hell I wouldn’t mind a new pair of titties or a more round ass but I am not down with going through hell to get it. I just wish more women would be more transparent and more relatable because it just may be another woman out there who could be inspired by her story.

Sis listen, I just want you to know that you are perfectly fine being just who you are. I mean yeah we would all like to improve something on our bodies but girl looks fade. You may look on Instagram today and see these girls on here stunting and flexing but believe you me, in a few years they will be out of style and a new wave of younger girls with weaker minds will be there to take their place. I promise you that there is probably someone who would love to have something that you possess and more than likely it’s something that money can’t buy.

The Realest,

The Single B*tch