Shut Up And Peep Game!

Honey we have all played the fool a time or two and if you haven’t yet you probably will soon. After a while you begin to learn the signs of being played. If you haven’t noticed the signs yet then you aren’t tired of looking stupid. Continue reading Shut Up And Peep Game!

Get Busy!

As a single bitch I think it is important to stay busy. Some of us may feel down about the fact that we may be without a significant other but there are things you can do to keep yourself occupied. Child listen, being single is not the end of the world but for those of you who are having trouble enjoying being single my biggest advice for you is to stay busy. I am not sure what works for you but below are some things that keep me going.

Continue reading Get Busy!


Listen damnit, I am tired of single people getting looked at like we have leprosy or some shit. It is like if you are over a certain age and you are not in a relationship then some people seem to talk to or about you in such a condescending manner. Everyone does not get into a relationship for the right reasons and there is nothing wrong with being single. For goodness sake single lives matter too. Continue reading #SINGLELIVESMATTER

Porn, Is It Healthy Or Nah?

Porn, either it makes you uncomfortable or it’s one of your favorite pastimes. I’m all about sexual expression and personally I like to watch a good sex session occasionally but is porn healthy to watch? Continue reading Porn, Is It Healthy Or Nah?

Don’t Count Him Out

Have you ever thought about the chances that you never gave certain people? What if that person that you overlooked was exactly what you were looking for? I am starting to learn that you should not count certain people out. Continue reading Don’t Count Him Out