5 Tips for Women Seeking a Job

My blog posts are not always about love, dating and casual d*ck. I also like to give out helpful information that can help women thrive in society! Well all know that job hunting can be very hard and I do not know about you but I felt like early in life I was not provided the necessary tools to help me look for a job and a possible career.

I had a talk with my dear friend “Natasha Markets” and career coach and I asked her to provide some helpful tips to the job seekers out there. Grab a pen and paper or use your phone to screenshot these helpful tips.

1. Don’t Intimated the Hiring Manager. natasha-markets

Too much education with not enough experience can be discouraging. Make sure your resume reflects a balance for the type of positions you are interested in potentially working.

2. Know Your Value. Negotiate! Negotiate! Negotiate!

If you are worth $25/hourly, stand your ground. Believe it or not, women are still fighting for Equal Pay. Do not settle, if you do not have to. There are companies that are in need of a woman in a position you are seeking.
3. Dress Code is Everything.
Try not to look so expensive on your interviews. Red bottoms and a Chanel bag will get you overlooked for a entry-level position.


4. Check Your Non Verbal Communication.

As women we tend to speak verbally and non-verbally. Our non-verbal communication consist of our facial expressions, body language, hand gestures, etc. When you are in an interview you want to make sure your hands are clasp together, you’re smiling and nodding to agree when someone else is speaking, and that you sit up straight to control the room.

5. Be Confident.
As women we forget to wear our confidence on a daily basis. Your demeanor sets the tone of the interviews, so if you want the job act as if the job is already yours. You just need the confirmation. Remind yourself of how accomplished you are, the little things count as well! You measure your own success based upon where YOU are going in life.
For more information about Natasha Markets, check out www.NatashaMarkets.com or email info@NatashaMarkets.com!

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