A Dollar And A Dream…And I Bought The Sh*t

Okay so regardless if you want to admit it or not we women bring a lot of issues on ourselves but in this case…I beg to differ. Honey these men will sell you a dream in a minute and get mad when you ask for a refund. I am not sure why some men feel that it is okay to lie to women and lead them on. I honestly thought that those days were over as soon as I left college but I guess not.

He says and does all of the right things and he makes you feel so good. Y’all two go on Friday night dates and family cookouts together. He has everything that you could ever want or wish for in a man or so you think.  You guys have planned trips, events and a long summer. Somehow overnight all of these things came crashing down over night and it was all just a memory. When you look back on the relationship you begin to think that everything was a fake and the way he felt for you was a lie. It is almost like he lived a double life. He will take you home to meet mama, let you drive his car, lay up in your house ALL DAMN DAY and then wonders why you are so attached.  I have been in this position more than once and maybe even twice. I can respect a lot of things that a man does even if it is wrong when he decides to be honest. It is a whole different story when I feel that a man has given me a mirage and once that has happened I lose all respect that he can never gain back.

As I get older I begin to notice patterns and I can easily call bull sh*t…when I want to. I can never understand how a man can put forth the effort and energy into something that he does not want. I wonder if he just confused about what he wants and how we wants it. What is kind of funny…men and women have this in common. I do not think women take it to the extent that men do but a lot of times we will fool ourselves into thinking we are interested in someone when we really are not so when we do finally wake up and smell the coffee we get the hell out of dodge and don’t look back.  At the end of it all we need to keep in mind that a lot of men have dreams for sale and we no longer need to be their consumers.

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