Addicted To The “D”

Good dick will have your brain like scrambled eggs. I know vagina is power but damn good peen will leave you mesmerized. It’s always the no good ass men who have the dick game on lock. Well I won’t say just no good men but men who aren’t good for you. No one who was ever good for me had mind blowing sex. Like I feel like a man should not be fine, good for you but have boring ass sex. That shit is sooooo evil. Like I feel that God shouldn’t bless a man with good dick unless he has a career, place of residence, car and does not have a million kids. It is like men with good dick have the worst attitudes because they know that they hold the magic stick between their legs. All I know is that I want my brain and common sense back because it went out of the window right along with that orgasm and the loud screams


The Single B*tch


2 thoughts on “Addicted To The “D””

    1. Its so sad right?!?!?! Im like why can’t a man that’s totally right for me have great sex plus other necessary qualities. Its like God is pranking us lol

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