All I Want To Do

I swear, all I want to do is to sincerely love and care for someone. I want to help my man become a better man, grow together and compliment each other. Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to find someone to truly love and not feel like it’s a constant battle.

In my honest opinion love is not selfish. I feel like part of my responsibility as someone’s significant other is to help make him a better man. No, you can’t and shouldn’t want to change someone if they are not willing to change but you should want someone that you love to become a better version of themself. I want to have a relationship where I feel like we learn from each other. If I’m with a person and I’m not finding out new things about myself or discovering things outside of my comfort zone then I don’t want it. I want us both to bring out the best in each other. I should never feel like I can’t be myself or feel drained from trying to love someone. Maybe it’s a flaw or even some may think it’s weird but I fall in love with the potential of a man. Not everyone is going to be at their height when you meet them so why avoid what could be a diamond in the rough. Some people may even need that extra push from someone. Some may have never had someone around who wants to see them excel. If I’m committed to a person then they become a reflection of me and vice versa. I’m just ready to find someone who doesn’t make me afraid of love.

It’s said that love is patient and love is kind. To me love is also unselfish. You should never enter a relationship and only consider yourself. Both people should only want the best for one another and if you should ever feel like your losing yourself then leave.


Love always,

The Single B*tch

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