Being Comfortable Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Being comfortable has to be the most dangerous and worse thing that you can do when being involved with someone. Especially when something or someone does not belong to you it never lasts forever. See a person can flip the script overnight and what was will never be again. Or it could be that his life takes a turn down a new path in life and now you are left alone

Not that I live by the zodiac sign but see I am a Taurus and I like routine and comfort. I do not like surprises or being deviated from what I am use to. Just how I like structure in everyday life, I like comfort and structure with the men I have in my life as well. Being single, but still having needs, I do have someone that I am familiar with that I call (or text because I am not a phone person) when I want some company. Recently he told me that he is moving out of state and naturally I felt some type of way. This guy never played a huge part in my life but nevertheless he had a part and that part was still very instrumental to me. He was like that favorite t-shirt that you love to sleep in but it has a hole or the first car you had that probably wasn’t the greatest but it’s nothing like it and you always want to make sure it is okay. There is nothing more comfortable than being inside your comfort zone but you have to realize that at any moment things can change. What do you do when all that you know is no longer? Who do you call when you need someone to tell you the right things? How can you be fulfilled when he can no longer be your fulfillment? But I am learning…

The bottom line of it all is that you only have yourself in the end. Not that I do not know how to feel comfortable being alone but having something around that is familiar feels good. There are pros to being comfortable with someone but there are cons as well. As I think about this more…I think being without my comfort blanket is good for me. I am at a point in my life where I may look like I have it all together but by no means do I at all. I think that losing something that I can depend on is giving me a chance for growth…and I need it.

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  1. I am a Taurus as well and boy how I can relate to your post…we do love comfort and routine if things are good why rock the boat?!?

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