Birthday Sex…A Tradition

That’s right yall, it’s SB’s birthday! So happy birthday to me. It’s the last year of my twenties so I must go out with a bang! When it comes to birthdays there are plenty of traditions. We sing happy birthday, we eat cake and ice cream and we receive presents. All of those things are nice but ain’t nothing better than some good ole birthday sex.

I’m not sure how or why birthday sex became a tradition but even before Jeremih came out with his hit song everyone was trying to get some nookie. It’s like your birthday isn’t even right unless you get laid. What if you don’t even have some reliable or familiar peen to get on the annual day of your birth? Like how disappointing is that? And oh goodness don’t let your period be on, that’s just a sick joke from the man upstairs himself. I even find myself trying to find and make a good connection with a good gentleman months before my birthday just so I know I will have someone to drunk text after I celebrate. I guess since sex is an enjoyable part of life we equate it to having a good time and I’m all for a good time.

So to all of my people celebrating a birthday I hope you get the pleasure you deserve. Always wrap it up and don’t end up pregnant. This year you will be taking shots of liquor and the next it will be a shot of an epidural and you don’t want that unless you’re ready!


The Single B*tch

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