Consistency…The Magic Word

I think there are about five words that are in a girl’s word bank that are important to them and somewhere in that list has to be the word consistency. If men knew how much that means to us the world would be a much happier place. Sometimes I wonder if men even know how to be consistent in a woman’s life.

Maybe I am asking for too much but I want a man to continue doing what he did to get me or did in the beginning of our relationship. If I am used to talking to you on a daily basis and seeing you regularly then I expect for these things to continue happening. I know that everyone lives different lives and things can change in someone’s daily routine but at least let a bitch know that she is thought about. I have never been huge on having long phone conversations and contacting each other multiple times a day but I do not believe that there should be gaps in the lines of communication. I am convinced that once the good morning texts or daily talks dwindle down then the relationship becomes doomed! Call me a negative Nancy but I have been around the block a few times so I know how the situation may play out. Maybe I am somewhat old school or just living in my own fantasy world but I expect something as simple as consistency a big deal.

I mean damn, if a man is inconsistent at least do it consistently. Then I know exactly what I can expect from him. I just hate getting used to something and then having it ripped away from me. Sometimes I wonder if I am expecting too much.


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