Conversation And Courtship

I love social media because I think it has its perks but I do feel it has crippled the way we communicate with each other. In fact, I think social media has made dating worse only because men and women have somehow lost how to interact with one another. In fact many men do not court women like they used to. I am getting older so what I am looking for and expecting from a significant other is changing

Let me just jump right on in and just say this, if you are trying to get to know me please converse with and court me! If you have interest in me other than sex then please do not try to “pull up” on me at a friend’s house or want to come over to my house to “Netflix and Chill” and have drinks. For once I would like a man to take charge and make plans for us so that we can get to know each other and to see if we have an organic connection. I just hate that some “men” these days are so spoiled by some women not demanding enough from them that they do not try to put forth the effort into getting to know someone. For instance, I hate when men that I am trying to get to know randomly sends a text asking “WYD?” What I am about to do is not respond to this text if you are not trying to make plans. Maybe I am too sensitive and maybe I am overreacting but I take offense to a man not trying to take me out. It makes me feel like you do not take me serious enough to but some effort into getting to know me. If we are in the very early stages of dating I will not expect a five star dinner but let’s at least meet at a nice café or tapas bar. I do not care if you are not even looking for something serious but I still have high expectations for how a grown man interacts with me.

I don’t know, I just think I am fed up with some men these days but for some strange reason I still have a glimpse of hope left

Yours Truly,
The Single B*tch

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