Could It Be Because Of Karma?

Maybe it is just me but have you ever sat around and wondered why you are single? Sometimes you blame yourself, other times you blame the lack of good men and other times you really just do not give a damn. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, what goes around comes around and I definitely believe that timing is everything. Because of those reasons I can’t help but to think that I am single because of karma.

To tell you the truth I know for a fact that I am not ready to settle down and commit to someone. I also know that I am not fully complete within to even give someone a part of me. But then I sit around and think about some of the good guys that I have passed up for one who was no good. Or the times when I involved myself with someone who was already involved with someone else. I can’t forget about the times when I used and abused my fallback guy. I have even abused the saying “one way to get over a guy is to get under another.” Then there were times that I knew that I was not even into a guy but I forced myself to get to know him just for the sake of “getting back out there.”

Of course there are some things that we do that keeps us from having a healthy long-term relationship but I often wonder if the universe is trying to tell us something. Let’s first start with ourselves and I guess the rest will come later

Hmmm this post was just a thought and I wanted to share.


The Single B*tch

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