Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t

As I scroll through social media I’ve noticed too many memes and posts putting women down. I have always known that women carry a plight but gotdamn, I didn’t realize that we had it this fucking hard.
I just feel like we can’t get it right in the eyes of some men and even some women. It’s like either we do too damn much or we don’t do enough. I just don’t understand why men can’t just give us credit for being who we are. For the life of me I can’t comprehend how the men that we give life to can treat us like a pair of Phat Farm jeans that no one wears anymore. You don’t understand what I am getting at yet? Well let me elaborate.
Women are known for being hormonal and sometimes very emotional but when we let our emotions show then we are being too sensitive. When we speak out on what is bothering us or we confront a certain issue then we are called a bitch. Men clown women who aren’t as curvy or have as much ass and titties as other women but when a woman chooses to alter her looks then we are fake as fuck. Women who choose to dress more edgy and like sneakers are told that they need to dress up but when she decides to wear heels and dresses more frequently then she is told that she is being extra. Oh and don’t let me forget about a woman’s sexuality. Now I am an advocate for sexual expression and I take pride in being aware of my body and my likes and dislikes so I am all for a woman being vocal about her sexuality so I HATE when women are shamed for this. Why is it that when a woman expresses what she likes in the bedroom and embraces everything about her body then she is called a hoe? But if that same woman decides to refrain from talking about sex then she is called a prude? Shit I like to talk about dick, sex, coochie, oral sex and all of the vulgarities that are associated with intercourse but it does not mean that I appreciate being talked to or approached in a rude ass disrespectful manner.
I am just so exhausted by the amount of disrespect that we woman are shown on a regular basis. I honestly feel that if we as women stuck together more and quit letting men get by with being dogs then we would gain more in return.
Yours Truly,
The Single B*tch

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