Dick Appointment Etiquette

As I get older my requirements for dick appointments have changed. As a matter of fact, when I was younger there was no such thing as setting up an appointment to receive dick I would just be ready to go when he calls. Now that I actually have a job and a child I just can’t get up and go when I please. Even without having a child I just cannot do the spontaneous calls anymore. A girl is just tired sometimes and I need to treat getting dick like an event (unless it’s some plan D penis that I just settled for). I live alone so I may throw my clothes around while trying to find the perfect outfit and I refuse to let my boo see my room looking like a Black Friday sale. Because I am single I don’t shave on a consistent basis and I may even wait three weeks instead of two to get my nails and toes done. I refuse to not be put together while my legs are spread apart and in the air like the letter V. A woman like me prefers to grease my body like a thanksgiving turkey and even find some cute shit to put on before my clothes come off. Some of you may think that I am doing the most just to get boned but if you aren’t getting dick on a consistent basis from the person you desire then why not come out of the bedroom looking like Vanna White?

I have always been taught to use my manners and using them in the event of getting dick is not excluded. So men please use proper etiquette and call before you cum


Your Girl,

The Single B*tch

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