Do We Set Ourselves Up For Failure?

I think sometimes we women have to take responsibility for our own actions. I learned many years ago in basic science that for every action there is a reaction, but does everything that he does wrong deserve a response? Is everything that goes wrong in a relationship, or an attempt at a relationship, always his fault? I am pretty sure there are things that we, as woman, could have changed and did differently.

Men are not the only ones who are slow to get into relationships, women are too. We women try to act like we always have it all together but some of us are definitely half crazy. What I had to learn is that you cannot require what you are not willing to give. Unfortunately, with the shortage of men we have to be realistic in our choices and learn to compromise. I feel that we have no right to be too picky. An older co-worker of mine told me that you will have to help build your man. All men will not come packaged beautifully and tied with a bow. We may just have to buff out the rough edges to make it smooth. I also feel that we expect men to think the same as us. We have to clearly articulate how we feel and know that he may or may not understand. More than likely, a man will not always react the same as we do to a situation. I think the hugest mistake that we all make is putting expectations on a man that we know are not relationship ready. Why waste your time on someone who is not on the same page as you? You cannot get upset if someone who is just worth some late night sex does not do what you expect him to do. PERIOD POINT BLANK…BE REALISTIC!

Until we know what we really want and need in a man, I think it is unfair to request and expect certain things from him. We have to reevaluate our non-negotiables and see if some things are worth a compromise. If we do not figure out what we need, want and think what is fair and realistic, we women will continue to set ourselves up for failure.



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  1. I do agree with most of what you said but remember not to mold each other because it’s basically changing each other and that is not what you want to do…you can only change yourself if it’s for the best if you really want that relationship to work because you see a future…

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