Does a Number Define Me?

We all know what a statistic is. Usually when I think of a statistic I think of just a number. A statistic represents a sample of a certain population but do you believe that a number represents you? Have you ever thought of yourself as just a number? Whether you are a mother, single, lesbian, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, have a college degree or a high school education there are some statistics about you that you may or may not feel that you fit in. I never thought I was a statistic until…

I was doing some reading in my psychology book and I read that more than 30% of children grow up in a single parent home. Not only that, but over 50% of African-American women are single mothers followed by Hispanic women, then European and then Asian women. I never thought of myself as a part of those stats because I never considered myself “the typical” single mother. I have never been ashamed to refer to myself as a single mom because “single” is just a marital status and not a negative stereotype that I have to succumb to. After reading that it was embedded in my head ever since and I have to admit that it is fucking with me. I also read in that book that children of a nuclear or “traditional” family are typically happier than children of single parent homes.  I could not help but wonder if I made my child a statistic as well. Although I have a degree, home, car, a great co-parenting relationship with my son’s father and a job I realized that sometimes people do not care about what you have or what makes you different from others they will still stick you underneath an umbrella and judge you anyway.

What I am trying to work through is that a number, relationship status or income does not define you. What matters is what you think of yourself and you can always be the exception to the rule.

With Love,

The Single B*tch

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  1. That is true,.single mothers always get a bad rap. In the eyes of the world, no matter what we accomplish,degrees, children, house, car, job, career, we are never truely successful until you are married.

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