Don’t Count Him Out

Have you ever thought about the chances that you never gave certain people? What if that person that you overlooked was exactly what you were looking for? I am starting to learn that you should not count certain people out.

Listen, I will be the FIRST person to tell you to NEVER settle but have you ever thought that maybe just maybe that one person that you need in your life is the one person that you overlook? I can’t tell you the amount of direct messages, Facebook messages and Snapchats that I get from guys and I never give them a second thought. I guess what I am trying to say is open your mind and give him a try. Of course you need to be attracted to them and willing to try but the effort won’t hurt. Even give that one special guy from your past a second try. People make mistakes, we have all been young and we all (well some of us) have grown so what is the harm in giving him another shot? Even if it doesn’t work at least you can say that you had fun and you gave love a chance. Having someone around can be very healthy at times. That certain someone may be present to get you through or get you to a certain point in life. Hell, that particular person may even be around to show you exactly what you do NOT need. Some of us haven’t learned our lesson yet and we may need someone to show us what we needed to learn the entire time.


Listen friend, we are getting older and we all need someone to love. Now I am not saying give every Tom, Dick and Hank a try but shit mister Adam that has been sending you the messages that you never open may be who you need. Don’t shut a man (or woman) out just because they may not be wrapped up or presented how you would like. Besides, the inside of the present is what we really want and not the fucking wrapping paper.

The Single B*tch

2 thoughts on “Don’t Count Him Out”

  1. One of the best yet! Love reading your thoughts, girl. And you hit the nail on the head with this one…Keep up the good work ! ❤️❤️

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