Don’t Rush The Evolution

As humans we are changing and getting to know ourselves more. Maybe it’s just me but I think that we women go through changes sooner and more often than men. Once you reach a point of maturity you start to see things in yourself that you would like to change or improve. Although it’s great to want to change and transition into the new you but do not rush your evolution. Losing yourself is just as tough as not knowing yourself to begin with and trying to force the process and change will not make your transition better.

I feel like some people have a certain idea of who they would like to be and they start to morph themselves into what they think this ideal person should be. Just because you are transitioning into a new and beautiful place in life does not mean that you have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete certain parts of your old self. You can be exactly who you are now but just a refreshed and more updated version. Before you know it you are at such an unfamiliar place in life being someone you no longer know. I have always been told that slow progress is better than no progress and over the past few years of my life I have slowly gotten to know myself and realize where I would like to be emotionally, mentally and psychologically. Slowly getting to know who I am and what I want has allowed me to not only appreciate myself but also others. My evolution has helped me understand others and it allows me to be more in touch with reality. Evolving is a beautiful but do not try to erase the process.

Yours Truly,

The Single B*tch

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