End Of An Era

They say all good things come to an end an I used to think that was not true. The older I get I begin to realize that in some cases good things do end. As you mature endings are not always bad and sometimes it happens naturally. I am starting to accept that sometimes an end to an era is inevitable.

Have you ever had someone in your life that you just could not seem to shake? You guys could have arguments, time a part and still this person just seems to come back around. When you are living in the moment you probably think that there is no end near. I have had a couple of men in my past that I thought I would never get over or at least would never stop fucking but girl was I wrong! As a matured I realized that some people no longer deserve certain parts of you and you must let go. I think the reason I never let go of some people was because of comfort. It felt good knowing that I had something familiar around. Not only was he familiar but that also meant less miles on my coochie because I was recycling dick. I have even had some men in my life that weren’t so pivotal but maybe he was there during a moment in time when shit was great. You know how certain songs, smells, job and even clothes remind you of a certain time in life? Well that’s how I feel about some guys that I dated. Maybe he just felt good because maybe I had a great job, more money or traveling more at that time. There was a time when the end of a relationship or situation would tear me a part. Sometimes it hurt because I loved the person and other times it hurt just because I knew that I would have to start all over again. It sucks when you start back sleeping alone. Now, I can see and feel the end before it comes. At times, I find myself an emotional wreck because I can’t control what is happening and other times I am at peace because I know that it is necessary.

The more I date and the more I am realistic with myself I know that change isn’t bad. Sometimes your well has run dry and it’s time to fill up elsewhere. Sometimes shit just happens and there is nothing you can do to control it. I have learned that the more I try to do damage control, things start to fuck up more because some things are not left up to you. When you notice a change happening, learn to think more, act less and watch things happen. The good thing about the end of an era is that there is a new beginning on the horizon.

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