Even Supermoms Get Tired Too

Hey to my beautiful moms out there. My beautiful single, married, stay at home, young, older and working moms. I know things can get hard but I want you to know that it is okay to hurt and cry sometimes. It gets difficult as fuck carrying the weight of the world of your shoulders and having your amazing kid(s) depend on you but it’ okay to break down sometimes. It doesn’t mean that you are weak but it means that you are human and you too experience hurt.

I think we try so hard to keep it together that we forget that it’s normal to experience different emotions. We get so caught up in doing what we have to do that we forget about the things that we need and want to do. We get so caught up in being a mom that we forget that we are a woman and we have needs that our children can’t always fill. If you aren’t there mentally, emotionally and physically then you cannot be there for your kids. Sis just don’t forget about you.


The Single B*tch

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