From Bae to Bye…

Maybe it’s just me but dating irks the shit out of me. Yes, I understand that in order to get a boyfriend and a potential husband I have to be open to dating and suffer the process but dating isn’t fun for me. Honestly I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt and I have yet to see anything new or anything that impresses me but I digress. With age and maturity, I have gotten to know what it is that I want and if you don’t have it then bye-bye.

I know that every man will not come exactly how I want them and I am willing to compromise on some things but I refuse to accept some shit. I get turned off by some of the simplest things because I feel that those basic needs should be understood. I do not have a short attention span when it comes to dating but I do have low tolerance for men who cannot meet my basic needs. I no longer feel the need to be content with certain actions just to have a man around and with that being said a man go from bae to bye really quick!

With Love,

The Single B*tch


4 thoughts on “From Bae to Bye…”

  1. What are some basic needs that you have? Like for me I like my doors opened, I like for my date not to be on his phone, etc…

    1. Well I like a man of action. For me it starts when he wants to take me out so if he doesn’t plan then im immediately turned off. Im ok with spontaneous dates but at the beginning I like to know what I am doing. Like I hate when men just want to “chill” I feel like that should later on in the relationship and not the beginning stages

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