Get Busy!

As a single bitch I think it is important to stay busy. Some of us may feel down about the fact that we may be without a significant other but there are things you can do to keep yourself occupied. Child listen, being single is not the end of the world but for those of you who are having trouble enjoying being single my biggest advice for you is to stay busy. I am not sure what works for you but below are some things that keep me going.

• Writing- obviously I love to write. Find yourself a journal (I am launching some very soon so wait for me lol) or notebook and get your feelings out.
• Don’t forget about your friends- girl you have friends for a reason. Have a girl’s night out or in, get some drinks and get ratchet as fuck! Your friends should be your biggest support system and you should utilize them, not use them.
• Work that ass out- girl now is a fine time to get your ass in shape or stay in shape. Do some yoga, weight training or find a personal trainer. Hell if you can afford it get some liposuction. I won’t judge you.
• Find a hobby- this is a great time to find discover something new. You may find out that you like volunteering, or gardening or even painting. You may find that your hobby may turn into a paid job.
• Start a business- Go ahead and write out that business plan so that you can put your vision in motion. Don’t be afraid to step out on faith and turn your passion into your career.
• Read a book damnit- I feel that reading is a lost art or past time. Pick up some good reads and maybe you will find yourself motivated, inspired or even educated.
• Get your house in order- I know this sounds super-duper lame but get your house in order. Some of us (including me) may have that one closet or two that needs to be cleaned out. We all have that chair in our room that has a pile of clothes laying on it, girl clean that shit off.
• Redecorate- maybe a new look in your home will have you feeling brand new. Change the color of your walls or re-do your bedroom. My bedroom is my sanctuary so the atmosphere there is everything to me
• Family is everything- I don’t know about you but my family means everything to me. I think a lot of times we get caught up in everything else that we have going on that we forget about our family. Get in touch with that one cousin that you lost connection with, become a better aunt or mom or mother and last but not least visit your grandparents more. Some grandparents feel forgotten about and sometimes they just want to know that you care. Go over, bring them some lunch and sit and talk with them.
• Network- since you don’t have that special someone to take up your spare time you should definitely network. Go look up events to go to in the area that you may want to strengthen. There are plenty of events that go on in your city (or surrounding cities) and you should check them out. You never know who you may meet that will put you in the right direction.

Now these things may not work for you but take some time to think about what does. I was alaways told that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop so don’t get lazy. Also keep in mind that a relationship status does not define you and being single isn’t something to be ashamed of. Take this time to discover you or discover something new!

With Love,
The Single B*tch

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