Get Out Of Your Own Way

Ladies we have to stop cheating ourselves. A lot of times we try to blame men for a lot of our relationship issues (and true some men are full of shit) but we have to take responsibility for some of what happens. Think about it, we have a lot of control with what happens and we do not have to take or settle for certain things but we do. Honestly, how many times have you done relationship things without the relationship title? Or how many times have you let a situation prolong without demanding what you want? How many times have you been with a man and only he benefited from the situation? Now that I have fussed for a second (I needed a good talking to as well) let’s think about what we can do to help ourselves avoid any more situations where we are constantly giving but left with nothing.

True, it sucks being alone sometimes and it also sucks not being able to get what you want from the person you want but it is really worth the hurt in the end? Also let’s think about how many times we didn’t even give a possible good man a half of a chance because maybe he didn’t fit one of the criteria on the list of what you want from a man. To be honest I can think of at least three good times when I curved a man to the left because maybe he had two kids instead of one or he was one inch shorter than me when I wanted a man that is five inches taller than me. While I’m writing this I really see how silly I sound. I also can think of a few times when a man wanted to take me out on a date and court me but I didn’t want to go at the time he was available or maybe because I was a tad bit tired when I could’ve caught up on some rest on the weekend. Oh and it even gets more silly, I can even think of more than a few times when I cancelled an actual date with someone who has potential for a dick appointment with someone who doesn’t even feed me before he fucks me. Listen ladies, we must do better!
If you are actually wanting something real but can’t seem to catch a break maybe you can think of the things that you could do better that would put you in a better position to develop something real.

With Love,
The Single B*tch

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