Girl…Move On!

You met a guy and it did not work out. Maybe you were more interested in him than he was you or maybe he just was not interested at all. The situation could be just that, a situation and nothing serious at all. For some strange reason this man just has a hold on you that you can not shake. You date other people, you go out and seem happy but this guy will not stop popping up in your head.

At times he tells you things that you want to hear and others you do not hear from him at all. So you start to do all of the things that you know that he likes. You cook him dinner every week, buy him whatever he likes and turn into his own personal Jada Fire but no matter what you still can not win his heart. What I have learned is that you have to start taking things at face value. When you have your blinders on it is so hard to see that this guy just is not for you. Yes he may have all of things and characteristics that you want in a man but he is not the man for you. I am not sure if you try to make something out of nothing to prove everyone else wrong or to make you feel better about what you thought was a lost. It hurts now but as you grow you will see that there are other men out there who are just as wonderful if not better and he will want what the other guy did not…and that is Y-O-U!

-The Single B*tch

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