Girl, Say Thank You

Have you ever thought about the men that you have prepared for another woman? I can think of a couple of times where I helped made a better man for the next woman. As I get older and as I grow I have realized that just because you like him doesn’t mean that he is the right man for you.

Love has always been funny to me. I could just never get it right. I have met some wonderful guys but for some odd reason the timing has always been bad. Timing is a bitch I swear. As I have stated in All I Want To Do, I can always peep the potential in a man. When I see that potential something in me wants to nurture him and help make him better. Maybe it’s the mom in me but either way I just choose to stick it out with a person when I know they are trying. I honestly do not think I ever came across a bad guy, just guys that aren’t right for me. There have been a couple of times where me and a guy didn’t work and then after the fact the guy will tell me what our situation taught him. When I hear that I taught a guy something about himself, life or relationships based on our relationship part of me becomes jealous and the other part of me smiles a little. See, I have a big ego and it makes me feel good that I was able to teach a dog some tricks but then I’m pissed that another girl is reaping the benefits. Like when am I going to inherit a man who was taught some shit by a girl that he fucked over??? I just want a man to be good to me…

I just feel that when it comes to me and a guy there is always something that goes wrong. After he and I are done it’s like he goes on to be honky dory with someone else. Of course, I know that all relationships will have issues and nothing is perfect but I will take that any day over being fucked over. Instead of going around being bitter and jaded, I like to feel that a girl should be thanking me for her new found boo. So girl don’t be rude, say thank you!

The Single B*tch

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