Good Sex Can Sometimes Be So Bad

Good d*ck will make a girl lose her mind!!! I wonder if there are any classes that you can enroll in to help you get over good wood?

Good grief I do not know why it is so hard to get over amazing sex. I don’t care if he just hit it once or maybe even twice but I swear you will spend your life trying to chase that same feeling but to be honest it does not compare if it is not with that same person. It is like when you get a taste of some GREAT peen all common sense goes out of the window. The worst sex to have is with someone who does not belong totally to you or someone who is not on the same page as you. I do not care what anyone says but good sex is very hard to come by but why is it that good sex with the wrong person is so easy to get into but hard to get out of? Something that feels so right can end up so bad when it is with the wrong person.

Here is one of my many stories…

Girl, so I saw this guy at the bar one night and I was instantly attracted to him. See I am the type of person that is more attracted to characteristics and demeanor than physical attributes (how someone looks is still important) but I still have a certain type of guy that will make me melt and HE HAD IT ALL!!!! He was about 6’4, 230 lbs, dark smooth skin, his bone structure was perfectly chiseled, full lips and big beautiful eyes. I found out that he was a few years younger than me so I just knew that I was going to show him a thing or two and have his mind gone and boy was I wrong. From the second he opened his mouth I knew he was not worth sh*t but I was not looking for anything serious so I said what the hell I will just have my fun. But of course you had to take the good with the bad. From what I observed he had no job, he did not take things seriously, he went to school on scholarship and blew it and had a strong fixation to the ganja. Now I do not judge anyone who has a vice because I have mine but it is a totally different story when it is your priority. So we texted here and there and had the normal get to know you conversations. He met my friends and me one night at a hookah bar and we vibed so well together but when he asked me out to the movies the next night I was shocked (being that I have not been on a date in ages). It felt good to get dressed up and spend some time with someone who you have interest in. The sexual attraction that I had towards him was so strong that I actually got aroused just by sitting next to him in the movies. I think the reason I was so sexually attracted to him was because it is rare that I find someone who fits the description of what I physically like. After that night he was extremely distant and I figured something was wrong. The fool got upset because in a drunken ramble offered to pay for the movies and did not. I mean geesh please do not hold me accountable for anything that I say when I consume gin. We finally linked up again one late night and my goodness…what he had dangling between his legs was enough to make me pay his car note (if he had one) for 6 months. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING THAT BIG IN PERSON! Honestly he is in the top 2 of the best sex ever. The only reason he is not number one is because we lacked the mental and emotional connection. We were supposed to hang out after than but it never happened. To this day…I will never forget the blessing this man has bestowed upon me.

How can a man be so evil to only give you some amazing peen once??!?!? How do you get over such good sex? They say a way to get over one man is to get up under another but to be honest I am not trying to test drive someone else and waste a number. That would be like having a strong craving for pasta but you receive a hot dog instead…I WANT HIM!!! Lol

Yours Truly,

The Single B*tch

3 thoughts on “Good Sex Can Sometimes Be So Bad”

  1. I’m going to say this and I’ve said this to all my friends especially when they only liked a man but wasn’t head over heels with a them….when you start getting to the point you really have strong feelings for whoever then because it’s all the above mental and physical attraction nothing wrong can happen between those covers anymore…because it truly is a mental thing…it’s true anytime I have not been into a person because of whatever the sex is bad at first but if I continue to let the person have a chance with being with me then for some odd reason sex becomes so much better more intense….research it most of how it may turn out for you is mental your own doing….

  2. men have a weird way of figuring out if they really like the woman they’re after. I like to call it “cumming to my senses” it happen no matter what and sometimes the woman we wanna like doesn’t make it pass our better judgement. It’s pretty automatic that I once a guys done having sex (right after we cum) we know if you’re not the one or if you’re just another one, it’s our magic power lol so if he gets up and all of a sudden he has something major to do (right after a nut) he jus realized you’re just another one … P.S. You should make a video blog on these topics ppl wanna see who’s talking lol
    But nice read. ✌️

    1. Women do it too! What sucks is that these are the same men that we can’t get enough of. It’s like the sex is just so damn good! Lol yes I have some big things coming next year I can’t wait! Thanks for reading

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