Having It All Together, What Does It Mean?

Many of us women have a hard time balancing love, life and career and I can understand why. With your family in one ear, society in the other and what’s displayed all on TV and social media being pushed in your face feeling like you need to have it all together can be frustrating. But what does “having it all together” really mean to you and why should it matter so much?

Bitch, first of all we all have issues. Even if you think you have it all together I am pretty sure you have that one kink that will drive someone else crazy. At one point I saw myself as this powerful, had it all together, up and coming professional. The only thing that I thought I was missing was a man. Someone to have fun with, trust and build with. I felt that my knight in shining armor would come once everything else in my life was together. A few years have flown by and I am like “where the hell is this man?”. After a while I started to look at a man as an accessory. You know, just someone to call when I needed my back blown out or someone to go grab drinks with when I needed a little male energy. It had got to the point where I started telling myself that men didn’t like women like me. You know women who have it together, women you can take home to your folks, you know just a good woman. I thought I had it so together that I felt like I didn’t need a man. Girl was I so wrong. No you do not need a man to complete you or to make you feel better about yourself but there is nothing wrong with wanting to share your life with someone. After some time of being single I realized that I didn’t have it together as much as I thought. I had some emotional baggage that I needed to let go of before I invited someone else in my life.

Being alone taught me a lot. I learned that it is okay if you do not have it all together. I do believe that you have to have your life in order. What I mean by having your life in order is that your priorities need to be set, no one wants a person who does not have what is important to them in line. Learn what is essential and necessary for you before deciding to be with someone.

With Love,
The Single B*tch

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