Hey Sexy…

I hate when a man approaches me with this dumb ass salutation! Nothing about a “man” sliding into my DMs or walking up to me in public and saying “hey sexy” or “damn you are fine” is attractive to me. It was not attractive or a turn on to me in my early 20’s and it damn sure is not now as I am approaching 30. I often wonder if a “man” could not come up with something more clever. It really lets me know that he more than likely lacks the ability to communicate intelligently. True enough the type of men that usually hit me with this line have no chance in hell with me but at least I could respect him more and nicely turn him down if they tried a better approach. Now most men (and maybe some women) would probably call me a bitch or say that I have a bad attitude because I’m stating that I would not accept a man saying this to me but I have standards and this just helps the elimination process go more smooth.

Call me what you want but this shit just does not cut it for me…put in more work, effort and respect women more and then I may lighten up.

Oh, one last note…This post doesn’t apply to Nas or Andre 3000. They could call me everything but the child of God and I would still answer lol.
The Single B*tch

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