I Feel Teased

Sometimes I feel like the man upstairs plays terrible tricks on me. Although I am in control of my thoughts and actions I feel that I try my hardest to “do the right thing”, whatever that may be. I have come across some wonderful guys at the wrong time. I have also met guys that were not good for me but they helped me get through a rough time in life. What is funny is that those bad guys turned good for someone else. All of this leaves me confused. They say timing is everything but when is my time coming? I heard that once you have everything in line love will fall into place as well. I feel like I am constantly being teased. I have been interacting with a great guy. We have wonderful conversations and the connection is so natural but the issue is that we never have time with each other because his schedule does not allow so. What is a girl to do when everything else is so right but there is one thing holding the progression up? I do not know why I keep being placed in compromising situations. Is He trying to teach me patience? I believe this guy is worth the wait but how can I remain unforgettable in a situation that is so easy to forget? I feel like I am being tricked

Yours Truly,

The Single B*tch

3 thoughts on “I Feel Teased”

  1. I swear I just read my life.. I can relate.. I’m dating some one and his traveling is the only things that’s holding us back.. It’s so frustrating.

    1. That’s why I love writing! Yes its so hard. You know it has potential but you want that physical interaction. I guess video chat will have to do because I’m not going anywhere

  2. Maybe you’re being prepared, not teased. It may be a test to see if you can handle not spending so much time with him and somehow you two make it work. My aunt’s husband is a truck driver who is gone for weeks at a time, but that works for them. Maybe he’s not it if you can’t handle the clashing schedules.

    P.S. are you still waiting?

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