If He Shows You, Believe Him

I find it funny how when we are used to a relationship being a certain way, we think there is no other way. Even if a situation is not going the way we would like, we tend to make ourselves believe we want something that we do not. It’s not until something better comes along when you realized that you deserve better.

First, let me start off by saying that we women need to stop falling in love with what we hear. True, it feels good for a man to tell us the things that we have been waiting so long to hear but sis we are too old for talk, we need action. If you are involved with a man and his words do not match his efforts and actions, leave before you get too caught up and hurt over expectations. Pay attention to certain patterns like when he decides to call and when he does call what does the conversation consists of. There is nothing okay about your efforts and actions not being reciprocated. Pay attention to the red flags. If his actions are bothering you, tell him. Depending on his response you will know if he is going to try and make it better or not give a fuck. There are only so many times that you should have to tell a man that something is bothering you and his actions continue. After so many times of trying to talk things out and there is no change on his half then sis, you are the crazy one. If a man shows you who he is, believe him!

Ladies we are getting older and there is no room for a man who is not about action. Please know that you deserve and should want better. Life is too short to operate on hopes, dreams and potential. Save your time and energy for someone who will not only meet you half way but shows reciprocity, effort, understanding selflessness.

Yours Truly,
The Single B*tch

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