If I Had My Way

Hmmmm about 6’3 -6’4, 240 pounds, skin like a chocolate bar, clean-cut, does not take as long as I do to get ready and musically eclectic. The type that can listen to Prince, The Isley Brothers, Paramore and Fall Out Boy but thoroughly enjoys classic Outkast records and knows EVERY song on T.I.’s Trap Muzik. If I had my way he would be sweet, understanding, intelligent, ambitious, lets me take the lead but knows his role as a man. Someone who adores his mother but does not act like a B*TCH. I want a  man who accepts that women are made of many layers and is worth more than what the eye can see. He needs to know that a REAL woman can adapt to any situation without losing herself but she is still a queen to be. I would like to think of myself as multifaceted so my future guy would have to be as well. He should be able to go from hanging out with his sneakers on to dress shoes in a company meeting.

I am starting to wonder if we women even get what we want. Could  majority of us be single because we think that we are going to find that perfect man who is in our heads? Or could we be single because we know what we want and refuse to settle for less? Honestly speaking some women are not sure of exactly what we want. We go into situations having expectations and we are not even being realistic. Oh and to my women who are spoken for but are not happy, do not let being comfortable and thinking nothing else better is not out there. Time is something that you can NEVER get back. We women are so use to doing what we have to do and want to act how society expects us to that we do not see what is on the other side of the rainbow. It is nothing wrong with wanting what you have always dreamed of but no man will ever be 100% perfect. Just because it looks all polished and well put together does not mean that it is…

-The Single B*tch

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