I’m Not Picky, I’m Uninterested

I’ll just get straight to it. I am so tired of people calling me picky just because I do not want to date someone who does not make my hotpocket jump, who is square as hell and clearly does not spark my interest. Just because I am single does not mean I should settle.

I am not into the business of dating someone just because he is a “good guy”. Hell, even good guys cheat so just because his level of extra appeal is a one on a scale of 1-10 does not mean that he is worth a good gotdamn. People always say look at the Future, Ciara and Russel Wilson situation. Just because she lucked up with Russel doesn’t mean that the good guy won. To me it means that the right person just happened to show up at the right time. It’s called perfect timing. There is no way that I am going to compromise my wants and needs just because I want a fucking man. Yes, needs are important but when it comes to love so are wants and I WANT a man that I am genuinely attracted to. Also, what about the man in the situation? Wouldn’t I be cheating him and wasting his time when I know that he is just a trial run? If you want my honest opinion this is why a lot of relationships fail, no one is doing it for love anymore.

What is the point of being with someone if he or she isn’t truly who you want? I would rather be happy and single than committed and miserable. Time is of the essence and while you’re wasting time with your runner up your winner is probably out making someone else happy.


With Love,

The Single B*tch

9 thoughts on “I’m Not Picky, I’m Uninterested”

  1. YES! I agree to all of this (I’m on the same boat as you). I’m very happy being single and not settling for someone just because they seem “perfect on paper” – there is so much more to it then that!

  2. “I would rather be happy and single than committed and miserable.” That is what I try to tell all my friends when they are desperate to get a partner. Your attitude is great!

  3. Yes! I decided to take a break with dating apps bc they aren’t for me and I felt like I was forcing dating. Some of my friends are like “You just need to try!” Nah, I’m not gonna try because I don’t want to. Do you girl!

  4. No man or woman shouldn’t settle when it comes to dating and relationships. The bigger picture is determining the needs and the wants. Are the needs and wants truly things that are going to be essential in having a long lasting relationship?

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