I’m Tired of Deez Hoes

Listen, before you think I am putting down women and not promoting unity you are wrong. Yes, I want to lift women up and create a strong community of women but I feel like I am responsible to call shit out as well. I just get so irked by all of the fake shit that I see every day so I decided to write a list and vent real quick if you don’t mind.

Non-supporting ass hoes: I mean would it really hurt to compliment or show love to other women? I’m so tired of some women downing others just to make themselves look better. Shit for those of us that have platforms would it hurt to shout someone out without expecting compensation or something in return?

Fake ass hoes: Why is there a drought on “real women” out here? What I mean by real is that people just don’t like being themselves. It’s like people would rather be respected for being fake and hiding who they really are.

Copying ass hoes: Bruh, no one creates their own wave anymore. Everyone tries to just ride on what’s hot. People will jump on a trend just because they think it’s easy. No one really does shit for the love or passion of something anymore.  I mean if you are going to ride a wave at least be good at it damnit.

Insta “famous” ass hoes: Sis, listen you are only going to be hot for only so long. While you have this “platform” at least try to create a stream of revenue from it so that you can have something to fall back on. Like some of these girls really think they are celebrities. I feel bad for people that have real talent but looked over because it’s easier to access these types of girls.

Yall, I’m just over it and super fed up of the superficial. I can’t wait until being real makes a comeback.


With Love,

The Single B*tch

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