Instagram Is The New Dating App

I don’t know about you all but I think dating applications and websites are dead. I feel that there is no need for dating websites anymore when you have many social media apps out here. Why pay for a membership on a dating site when you can slide into the DMs (direct messages) and see what is popping?

Before the heavy hitting websites like Instagram and Facebook there were sites like Blackplanet, Yahoo chatrooms and MySpace so there were always sites that brought people together and made the world a little smaller. As a single girl I am not afraid to say that I have tried a few dating sites and I have to say that they did not leave me impressed. I tried Plenty of Fish for literally a damn hour and was done. I tried eHarmony and I feel that they are scammers not only that, they match you, you can only see a certain amount of matches per day and you honestly do not know if the people are real. Strangely enough the only site that I liked isn’t actually a site it is an app and it was Tinder. I actually encourage people to use Tinder if you are just getting back into the dating game because it’s a small step and it can boost your confidence. I liked Tinder because you can link your other social media sites to your profile which increases the likelihood of the person being real and I also like the idea of not being able to message someone unless you both match. On the downside there is only so much you can tell about a person through a few words in a bio and a few pictures. Let’s be real when you first meet someone the attraction is superficial so you are not going to swipe right on someone just because they seem like they may be a good person. Y’all one day I literally swiped “hell-to-the-no 168 times before I came across someone who caught my eye and that’s sad as hell. So that leads me to my point of why I feel that Instagram can be used as a great dating tool.

Instagram literally connects you to millions of people. You do not have to be confined to a certain state or to a certain number of miles. Not only that but you can even shoot your shot with people like celebrities and business owners. Social media makes you feel like you know someone. I mean you can literally follow people for years and you get to see them grow and develop and in a weird way you feel as if you know them. Not to mention IG now has features like live and Instastory and you can see how a person interacts and it also lets you know that they actually exist. If you ask me, Instagram is the perfect dating site so why not be open your mind?

Dating websites are a thing of the past unless you are into dating a certain type of person or if you have a fetish of some sort. But if you are single and ready to mingle them Instagram is the right place. Just create a page, load some nice pics and just watch how it goes down in the DM.


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  1. I think it is still risky as these sites only allow us to see what the person presents to the public as opposed to them showing us their real selves, or as close as possible to how real they are.

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