Is The Chase Worth It?

When dating any woman wants to feel desired and feel as though a man really wants her. Normally If I am really into you and I think the feeling is mutual I have no problems putting forth a lot of effort to show him my interest. Sometimes I think I am doing it all wrong. I have many people tell me that it is okay to play a few games when getting to know someone. As a woman do you think you should not text first, wait a few days before you call or text or even ignore a few texts before you reply?

I always feel that if I decide to play cat and mouse that I will end up getting burned in the end and the guy may lose interest. My mother and other older mature women who I am surrounded by tell me that you have to have a man on edge and that it makes him want you more. Men are not like they use to be when our parents were growing up and things have changed. Women are more sexually expressive and open minded now and it is extremely easy for a man to find a woman. See when you think it is just you, more than likely there are two more on the back burner. I personally think that it depends on the man.  I am a woman and I know for a fact that if I felt that someone was playing games with me I would be annoyed and the guy would just be a blur.

Is it even possible to enjoy getting to know someone these days? If you are constantly trying to play by the rules will you end up being benched? Do you feel that making yourself available will have you taken advantage of?

-The Single B*tch

2 thoughts on “Is The Chase Worth It?”

  1. GIRL!!!!! From my experience, the guys I show the least attention to are the most patient and attentive towards me. ( Until they reach the point where they can clearly see it’s a waste.) But the guys who make your heart skip a beat, put butterflies in your stomach just with their voice.. I’m sure they’re very aware of the power they have over women and are the type you can’t play games with because like you said there are others in the woodwork just waiting for the coach to put them in the game. Gone are the days of mystery and anticipating your chance to see your crush again… Nowadays you can just hit anybody up on social media and BOOM next thing you know ya’ll are at Twist having sushi… Everyone wants instant gratification and like my man Sleezy (Stevie J) said “you can get on this bus or someone else will” I don’t play that “wait a couple days to text” BS because now a days most of the guys you meet don’t make it past a few days anyway so why delay the inevitable.

    1. I agree! I really don’t like to play games… I prefer to go with the flow but I refuse to give such energy to someone who clearly doesn’t deserve it

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