Just Make Sure He Is Good To You

I have always enjoyed encountering people who are older than me because they are very wise. The more mature that I become, I enjoy making friendships with women older than me. You can learn a lot from them in love and life. I was at lunch with a co-worker and we started discussing dating. You can always bank on sex, love, men and dating being topics of conversations when women are in the room. I told her that I have two (somewhat) steady men in my life.

One is a dream guy and exactly what I have always imagined myself with. He is very tall, has a dark complexion, beautiful skin and teeth, medium build, clean cut, has a job, a car, his own place and we have GREAT sex. The only flaw is that he lives out of state. Did I forget to mention that he also does NOT want a relationship? The other has a beautiful complexion, pulls out my chair, helps me put on my jacket, wants to take me out multiple times a week, texts me good morning and good night, great with money, has a graduate degree and lives 20 minutes away from me. The only thing about him is that he is short, I am not too fond of the way he dresses and I am not that into him. Then again, I think I am but I try to make myself uninterested. My co-worker ran down the pros and cons of each guy and said “okay your dream man may look good but looks fade, shorty is who you need”.  I also told my co-worker that I have never had a chair pulled out for me or had a man help me put my jacket on. She looked at me baffled and said “why do you accept less?” I was a little stunned because I never thought of myself as settling for less but just thought I was using guys to pass time. I started thinking and my mind began to wonder about what she said.

My co-worker told me, whatever you do just make sure that he is good to you in love and death…

Love Always,
The Single B*tch

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