Lazy Love

Dating is tough but it is also exhausting. Dating is time-consuming and it really is a process. Men are not the only ones who may not be ready to settle down. Sometimes we women are not either. When women are not ready for love some like to diagnose us and say that maybe we have some deep issues or baggage but not every woman is waiting for love like she is at the bus stop. I mean after the regular ups and downs in life and other surprises sometimes we do not have the energy to devote to a romantic relationship.

Have you ever sat down and said “damn, I don’t feel like being with someone. In fact I do not even want to even be touched or bothered”? Well you my friend are experiencing what I call lazy love. I tell myself that I THINK I am ready for a relationship but I don’t feel like texting, talking on the phone or even going on dates. Lord knows I may get lonely sometimes but it does not mean that I am desperate or want to be suffocated. At times I just want what I want and when I want it and then he can leave. It is important to be honest with yourself during this period because you do not want to force yourself into anything that you do not want. Wanting something for the sake of just having it is a waste of time for you and maybe even the man who you are dating. Ladies please do not feel bad, awkward or less of a woman because you are not ready for love. There is a time and season for everything and this just is not yours. Find something else to do with this time like a new hobby, continuing your education, focusing on your career, building relationships and even making you into a better you.


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