Men, Who Hurt You?

Disclaimer: This post is not generalizing all men. Just the men who display characteristics of over-sensitivity and sassiness.

I am just trying to figure out who hurt some of these men. I am a true believer in being able to display emotions and being able to communicate about thoughts and feelings. What I am not understanding is why some men have become so disrespectful towards women. I think that I have come to the conclusion that some men are the new “bitches”.

For one second please do not think that I am male bashing or saying that men cannot express their feelings. In fact, I love a man who is able to express how he feels and is not afraid of how he will be perceived. Too many times I have scrolled down my social media timelines and have seen such hateful things being expressed towards women. What shocks me even more are the women who comment but are afraid to speak their minds. Instead they agree which makes some men feel that this behavior is okay. I am starting to feel that men tear us down more than other women do. Like some men are straight catty lol. Not only am I tired of men disrespecting us, I am also tired of these attention seeking ass men. Since when have some men become such thirst buckets? I hate to see men post things just for attention or likes. I think it is such a coincidence how men do the same things that they bash us for. We get called bitter, hateful and told that we can’t get a man because of our attitudes but some men act in that same manner. I am also tired of men who do not accept their responsibilities as fathers, men who intentionally hurt women, men who disrespect their mothers and men who no longer take pride in being providers and protecting their families.

Now I can’t allow myself to talk this much shit about men without trying to offer some type of solution. I personally feel as though some of us women need to take the blame for how some of these men act. We hardly hold men accountable for their actions anymore. Some mothers are now raising their son’s to feel that it is okay to not be protectors and to not want to provide by pacifying them entirely too much. Girlfriends, baby mamas, wives and side pieces give men too many chances. We make shit too easy and we wonder why some men do not want to commit.  It’s time for us to be the backbone for our men again. Let’s strengthen, encourage and support them. Let’s also put our foot down, give them something to admire and call them out on their shit when it needs to be called out. I am tired of living in a world where I feel like women and men are at odds. I want more love and less hate. Hell, I can’t make a baby by myself. I need them…

Yours Truly

The Single B*tch

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2 thoughts on “Men, Who Hurt You?”

  1. Right right right! You’ll get cut off just because he doesn’t want to be held accountable, doesn’t want constructive criticism and doesn’t want to change. But some women accept that, so …

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