My New-Found Freedom…Going Cool Booty

There are a lot of things that may make you feel free such as having your own money, place to stay and car but since I have all those things there is one minor thing that makes me feel free. Bitch, I love not wearing underwear! I never thought that going cool booty could make me feel so good but damn I feel free.

When I was younger the old heads used to tell me that you shouldn’t wear underwear at night so you can let that thang breathe. I would try it sometimes but honestly it felt so uncomfortable for me to have my kitty all exposed. For some strange reason, I would feel like something would just fly up in there. I used to be so judgmental and think that girls who didn’t wear underwear were extra but now I see that they are super smart.
So, I first experienced wearing no underwear this year. I think what happened was I spent the night somewhere and did not have underwear with me and decided to thug it out and go commando. Lord, when I did that I saw the light and haven’t turned back since. The only time I wear underwear is when I have on jeans and at night when my cycle is on. In fact, I know it may sound nasty to some but if my cycle is on, during the day I just plug it up and go. No need for extra friction and moisture. I even hate wearing jeans now because I feel that they suffocate my vagina and Lord knows I used to buy jeans in every wash and fit. I think the older I get I become more aware of my sexual and vaginal health. I actually read that keeping your vagina covered all of the time can promote bacterial and yeasts infections because that area gets moist. I remember being younger and couldn’t wait to wear thongs. All the girls in my class had some and my mom still made me wear those big ass cotton panties with flower prints all over them. Finally, I talked her into buying me some and she bought me two pair. It was a purple Baby Phat pair and a nude pair and honey I washed those things and wore them until I couldn’t anymore. In fact, I HATE thongs now. The only time I wear thongs is when I have on something that requires it, other than that I avoid them at all costs
I just honestly feel like underwear chokes your coochie.

Now, I am pretty sure going cool booty is not for everyone but I think you should try it if you haven’t. Girl, try something different and let that thang breathe!!!

Yours Truly,
The Single B*tch

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