Penis So Good That It Makes You Mad

*sigh* I HATE men that have really good dick. Like who in the hell decided it was okay for a man to have dick so good that it makes you feel like you’re in love when you know good and well that you are not? Great penis will make you want to change his oil, wash his car, cook him dinner and do yoga on his jimmy all within the same hour. I mean really, have you ever had sex so good that when you were done you looked at him with disgust? A man with good dick should come with a warning label on his pelvis. Receiving some amazing penis is like drinking water when you are dehydrated. Having a man around that has good sex makes you want to tell your friend to try it then fight her afterwards because now she knows how good it is too. After some good sex sometimes I get legit mad at him because I feel like he shouldn’t have boned me so good. Like why would a person do that?
Women, if you have a man around that has great dick please proceed with caution. You may just put him on your insurance and put him as a beneficiary on your insurance policies.
The Single B*tch

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