Play The Game Or Get Played?

Growing up love had a different feel and look to me. It just seemed so easy and effortless. It seemed like you had no choice but to get know someone on a more intimate level but of course some things change. I am not sure what happened to us or where we went wrong as a society but dating feels like a game to me now. So I often wonder if it’s better to play the game or be a fan of love and see how it turns out.

I remember watching movies like How to be a Player and Two Can Play That Game and thinking that playing games was the only way to keep a man at bay. My mother used to tell me that you can’t let a man think that “he has it like that” meaning that you shouldn’t let a man get used to the idea of you being all about him all of the time. My mom would tell me things like don’t always answer the first time a man calls, never reply right back to a call or text and make him wait, let him think you are going out when you really aren’t and to even not go out with him every time he asks you out on a date. Now I have never been the type to play games, I am a straight shooter type of person. When I like you, I like you and you will definitely know it. Then I started to notice that I would get into situations where I would be all about a guy but it wouldn’t be reciprocated. I used to get pissed and then the savage came out of me but of course every dog will have its day and Lord did I get mine. I started to implement some of the little strategies my mom taught me but one day I finally met my match, I found a guy who wasn’t willing to put up with my shit and he tossed me to the curb like an old FUBU jersey. I then realized that the game isn’t worth playing when you have a winner.

Dating isn’t going to be easy but falling in love should be. Playing dating games are all kicks and giggles until you come across someone who exceeds your stats and your level of “expertise”. I am a firm believer of always being straight forward. There are no need for games when both people are on the same page with the same goal in mind and that goal is to win at love. Now if you happen to come across a person that isn’t giving what you’re giving then you have the option of playing along or getting the hell on. It is all up to you. Please keep in mind that when it comes to love there is no in between and you might lose by being about self when love is a team sport.


With Love,

The Single B*tch


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