Recycle The D…Don’t Waste A Number!

Listen, we can act like we women do not want sex as much as men do but we would be lying to ourselves. When you’re a single girl there are times that we may want sex so bad and not have many options. Or it could be that we have some options but we do not want their asses, so what is a horny girl to do? I have a solution to that problem….RECYCLE THE D! Girl do not waste a number on a new guy, just contact someone you used to have good sex with and use his ass! It is that damn simple. There is no shame in my game, I am not too proud to ask for the D if I need and want it and you shouldn’t be either. If you are too shy to ask him just think of it this way, you are saving yourself from a new number that may not even be worth it. Save your coochie mileage for someone who is worth it.
This is a slogan that every girl should live by

With Love,
The Single B*tch

4 thoughts on “Recycle The D…Don’t Waste A Number!”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with recycling the “D”. However, I AT LEAST want some consistent “D” ,with my supplier ,I feel like I’m doing all the reaching out. Sometimes il hear from him but I think it’s a matter of “when I’m in front ” of him type of ordeal. Other than that , I can count how many times I’ve been contacted first . So where does that leave me ? “D”less….because I have too much pride . 🙁 #SingleGirlProblems

    1. hahahahaha I completely agree so in that case I guess you will have to just wait it out until another prospect comes along. It’s so unfortunate but hey there is always battery operated D! lol

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