She Fucked Up My Eyebrows…

Ladies we all have that one part about our appearance that we are more critical about than others. For me, I take my eyebrows and my hair very seriously. I have fine eyebrows so there are very hard to arch so I have to be particular about who I let touch my face. I am particular about my hair because I rock a short cut and I can’t be rocking a little bowl cut…fuck no, not me!

So listen, I went to the usual place that I go to get my eyebrows done but my regular brow tech wasn’t there so immediately panic mode sets in. I asked if a brow tech would be in and I was told no but there was an esthetician there that does a great job. So the lady walked me to the back of the store and I felt like I was walking the green fucking mile. My heart was in my stomach, my palms were sweaty and my knees were weak.  When I saw the esthetician I wanted to say “FUCK NO”  but the classy based lady inside of me just decided to ask her if she was experienced in arching eyebrows and she told me yes. I knew that bitch was lying because she had her hair pinned up like she was in a 1940s doo wop group and her brows looked like small furry monsters. I wanted to run towards the door but I said to myself that you can’t always judge a book by its cover so I decided to give her a shot. Y’all it took this lady 30 minutes to do my brows so I KNEW something was wrong. When she gave me the mirror…yall…my brows looked like someone bit me in the face. My brows were gapped up, fucked up and shredded up!

Moral of the story is…you can’t always judge a book by its cover but when it comes to your appearance…YES THE FUCK YOU CAN! I know even makeup artist, hair stylist and etc. have rough days but I feel that you should represent your craft. Listen girls, love isn’t the only area where you should follow your gut. You should follow your instincts when it comes to people who are providing you a service as well. If you don’t feel comfortable…RUN!

Yours Truly,

The Single B*tch

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