She Isn’t Better, Her Timing Was Just Right

Has there ever been a time where you were getting to know a guy but somehow some way y’all didn’t end up together but yet he committed to someone else after you? I don’t know about you guys but I have been there more than a few times. I used to think that something was wrong with me or that maybe I was missing something or that maybe I had too much of something. As I got older I stopped giving a fuck as much and realized that the new girl isn’t better than me, her timing was just right.

I used to hear the phrase “timing is everything” and honestly I thought it was pure bullshit. As I got older I realized that the phrase is 110% CORRECT! Timing plays an important role in everything you do in life and that includes getting yourself into a relationship. Who knows, that guy may have been the perfect guy for you but at a different time and place in life. You could have gotten with him during a time where he was not at his best or at his full potential. Now I do not know about you guys but I have no intentions of raising a man. What people go through can affect how they treat those around them and the last thing someone would want is to be blocking someone else’s growth. Not only that but you want to be with a man who is ready to settle down, let’s just say he feels somewhat pressured to be with you and now he isn’t faithful. This situation can go both ways, it just doesn’t always depend on where a man is in his life, women can also need time to grow into who they need to be. Sometimes you aren’t mature enough to appreciate all what a person has to offer and there is nothing worse than feeling unappreciated. All I am saying is that the right person at the wrong time could be one stressful ass situation so just count it as a blessing.


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