Shut Up And Peep Game!

Honey we have all played the fool a time or two and if you haven’t yet you probably will soon. After a while you begin to learn the signs of being played. If you haven’t noticed the signs yet then you aren’t tired of looking stupid.

I am not here to belittle you or make you feel bad but I like to keep it very real even if it hurts your feelings some. Not every man is going to play games or be unfaithful but if you ever come across one you need to know how to handle him. At one point in time I used to feel obligated to call a man out on his bullshit but what’s the use of doing it all of the time when you know he is lying or when you are going to stick around? What I found out is that men will usually tell on themselves. I am not saying just sit back and take the bullshit but if you are already onto what he is doing then who is playing the fool? Not you sis.

It is only so many times that you can or should play the fool. After a while you can only blame yourself for taking such treatment. Learn how to listen more and talk less. Everything does not need a response or a reaction. You should only reward good behavior and bounce when you are no longer being respected. Quit wasting your time and energy and pay attention to the signs. Baby sometimes you just have to SHUT UP AND PEEP GAME!!!


The Single B*tch

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