Stop Being Loyal to Disloyal Situations

As a woman I automatically feel compelled to be loyal to people, situations, businesses and even jobs. I personally feel like as a woman it is in our nature to feel like we have to be supportive, even to a fault. Loyalty is rare and very special and it should never be given away especially when it cannot be reciprocated.

Ratchetness will begin below…

I have always considered myself a down ass bitch. If you fuck with me, I fuck with you and my loyalty will NEVER waiver. As I sit here on this rainy Sunday in Georgia I really start to think about what loyalty is to me. Is it just someone who is there when you need them? Is it a person who just so happens to be there at the right time and place or is it someone who backs up what they say by action? I don’t know about you but loyalty is more than just being there. I expect for someone to always respect who I am as a person, my values and what is important to me. If you are loyal to me then I expect you to never hurt me and always take my feelings into consideration.

I recently had an epiphany that I have been extremely loyal to people, men in particular, who have not done the same for me. It sucks when you have given thought and consideration to a person and you realize that they have not consistently done the same for you. For example, if a person is only loyal to you based on what benefits them, then that person is full of shit. That is not a loyal person. Loyalty is not always based off what someone can do for you. I also feel that loyalty is based off of expectations and unfortunately you cannot always place expectations on someone. Expectations on an unstable or weak situation will fuck you up every time.

The next time you have the opportunity to have some time to yourself think about what situations are not loyal to you. Think about if you are giving and someone is constantly taking. Sometimes it is okay to be selfish because you should always be the first to consider in a situation. Love yourself, never cheat yourself and never waste your time.

So what is loyalty to you?



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